Candidates and agents are limited on how much they can spend on their election campaign as set out in Law. This applies during what is known as 'the regulated period' which, for this election, runs from the day after you officially become a candidate up to polling day. The earliest you can become a candidate for this election is 29 March 2021 and so the regulated period runs from 30 March (at the earliest) to 6 May. 

The limit applies to spending on activities in the following categories:

  • Advertising of any kind. For example, posters, newspaper adverts, websites or YouTube videos.
  • Unsolicited material sent to voters. For example, letters, leaflets or emails you send that aren’t in response to specific queries.
  • Transport costs. For example, hire cars or public transport for you or your campaigners.
  • Public meetings
  • Staff costs. For example, an agent’s salary, or staff seconded to you by their employer. You do not need to include time spent on your campaign by volunteers.
  • Accommodation. For example, your campaign office.
  • Administrative costs. For example, telephone bills, stationery, photocopying and the use of databases.

The spending limit for the regulated period is £2,362 per constituent council for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.  Although there are seven constituent councils, only six apply for the spending limit as Cambridgeshire County Council does not have any electorate within it's own rights, therefore the spending limit will be £14,172 plus 5.9p for every registered local government elector on each Local Authority's register of electors on 1 March 2021.

The total number of registered local government electors on each Local Authority register on 1 March 2021 is 604,960, thus the spending limit for this election will be £49,864.64.